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“Go wherever the sound strikes the musical palettes of your eardrums.” – Theo Hux

Marcus Q. Worthington, also known as Theo Hux (or Theophilus The Scholar), is a multi-genre American instrumentalist, producer, and beat-maker from Dallas, TX. Theo Hux produces for independent artists and performs at beat showcases across the country, Producing since the age of 15, Theo Hux is skilled with production programs like Fruity Loops and Reason 10. But, his favorite piece of gear is the Akai MPC 3000, and a stack of records.  “Sampling is not the only means of production,” Theo says, “but also incorporating original compositions, live instrumentation, and sound designing.”

In May 2017, Theo moved to Los Angeles, CA to take advantage of the industry opportunities and to network with people who are like minded in the industry.

Theo Hux enjoys beat-making and rapping as well as singing.  He isn’t afraid to experiment and create a unique sound that has not been heard before. Hip-hop is a major influence but his influences go beyond the popular genre.

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