ARCKATRON is a producer, studio and live engineer from Los Angeles by way of New Jersey.  He got his start at a young age and has worked hard to build a place for himself within the world of hip-hop and soul.  He made his first beat tape (on cassette) at age 12. Since then, he has continued on the path to becoming an MPC virtuoso.  Studying under the techniques of hip-hop heavyweights such as RZA, Pete Rock, the late J Dilla and Madlib, he has set out to explore a new sound using the instrument.

ARCKATRON stands out as a focused musician – willing to explore standards and unafraid to go against the grain – with a deep passion for using music as tool to bring people together, and a skill level for audio that you don’t find everyday.

ARCKATRON has work includes a series of beat tapes, two collaborative works, and projects with Ropeadope Digital, titled Un-Herd Vol. 1 and another with Twin Springs Tapes, titled Subtle Busyness.

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